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View and edit your photos with ease

Photos is a free multimedia application from Microsoft that allows you to view and edit images and videos at your disposal. This utility tool usually comes pre-installed on Windows operating system but it can also be downloaded free of charge in the official Microsoft app store.

You'll be able to create an album out of your captured photos while you can produce movies out of your recorded videos. This is a simple alternative to third-party applications such as IrfanView, XnView, and FastStone Image Viewer.

Impressive viewing and editing capabilities

Photos is a powerful Windows application that enables you to do more with your images and videos. Through Microsoft OneDrive, you'll be able to view all of it from any device you have. It also gives you the option to see your images as a slideshow. When navigating your collection, you can even make the images smaller for quicker scrolling, or larger for clearer details.  

If you like a certain photo, you can even set it as your desktop background or lock screen image. This computer tool automatically creates albums and movies based on various categories like the date, place, and such and if ever you like it, you can edit it further and save afterward. For images, you can crop and rotate them—adjust lighting and color, as well as add filters and other effects.

Furthermore, your recorded videos can be trimmed and changed its music, camera motion, text, filters, and the like. You can opt to add 3D effects such as a swarm of bees, lightning, or a fireball into your video clips. Both images and videos can be drawn and you can do an animated playback of it. On top of that, it offers some beauty tools that can fix red eyes and blemishes.

Significant Windows utility

Microsoft's Photos is a dynamic desktop application to efficiently manage, as well as enhance your images and videos. It is packed with essential features from basic to advanced. With this, you won't possibly need to download third-party photo and video editors as what it offers are sufficient for your needs.


  • Powerful viewer and editor
  • Basic and advanced editing tools
  • Automatically creates an album and video
  • Completely free


  • No before-and-after view

Program available in other languages

Photos for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • 4.3
  • (48)

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